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Too many bright young things are launching their passion projects into the modern world and getting lost amidst the buzz, tweet, and ping. Literary Pixie PR is here to provide creative, professional PR and marketing support.

Founded by Samantha Emily Evans, aka the Literary Pixie, in 2018 at the age of 24 – Samantha hopes to help aspiring artists and creators like herself have their voices heard.



Samantha Emily Evans has a surprising amount of PR and marketing experience for someone who graduated in 2016. While studying at the University of St Andrews, Samantha jumped into society life – serving as the Director of PR and Marketing for the Fine Food and Dining Society from 2013 to 2016, one of the largest clubs on campus. She also led the Literary Society in her third year, and for her final year, served as Editor-in-Chief of the independent arts magazine The Tribe.

Since graduating, Samantha has continued to work on her dream. She started as a PR and Marketing Intern at Red Hen Press in Los Angeles. At the end of the internship, she was promoted to the PR and Marketing Assistant where she led the award mailings, wrote press releases, sent review copies, and managed their social media. For her work, she was promoted to Social Media Manager, where she worked part-time remotely from the UK while completing her Graduate Trainee Scheme at Midas PR. She has since started at SAGE Publishing as a Marketing Assistant for the Journals Team in September 2017.

Her love of festivals has been the backdrop to her young adulthood. In 2012 after graduating, Samantha served as the first ever group of Hollywood Fringe Interns. She loved the buzz of the festival, and the quirky people, and interned the next year. All four years at St Andrews, Samantha was involved in StAnza Poetry Festival. For the first two years, she volunteered as a sound and light technician and box office volunteer, and for the final two years, she served on the planning committee, managing student volunteers and student press. She also served as the Director of Creative Content for On the Rocks Theatre Festival.

After graduating, she moved back to LA and got immediately involved in the literary scene. She arrived in September, and by November, she was co-producing a free literary festival sponsored by the LA Department of Cultural Affairs – the Melrose Bellow. In June 2017, between jobs, she worked as the Venue Manager at Bradford Literature Festival, and after a tour of literary festivals to Verve Poetry Festival, StAnza, and the Women’s Literature Festival, Samantha has joined SJ Fowler’s European Poetry Festival.


European Poetry Festival

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Build and Manage Website                                                                                  Write a press release

Create and Maintain Social Media Profiles                                                      Create blog posts

Write compelling tweets and FB posts                                                              Manage and execute a PR Plan

Make FB events                                                                                                      Reach out to journalists


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