Literary Pixie Press


Literary Pixie is a radically genuine indie press and community organizer empowered by Sammy Ginsberg. Literary Pixie publishes two magazines a year, a chapbook series, ELD and ESL lesson plans, newsletter, and blog posts and organizes events, festivals, trips, and tours. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and nurture spaces for radical genuineness and meaningful connections to flourish. We hope that these spaces will support our society in moving to a love-based society where all living things can be nourished.

Our Values

Respect, genuineness, wellness, love, relationships, purpose

Our Story 

In 2012, Sammy worked at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. She was fresh out of high school with big eyes. After feeling incredibly lonely, she found the theater scene in LA to be a bunch of quirky misfits just like her. One of the people she met (a playwright and novelist) made her feel like the writer she always wanted to be. He called her a manic pixie dream girl. She had never heard the term before. 

Upon Googling it, she became very angry! Yes, she was quirky and bubbly and made no sense to anyone not even herself, but she sure as fuck had more of a purpose than making men happy and teaching them to find joy in life. 

A few weeks later, Sammy flew to the UK to begin her undergraduate degree, and in a long night of jet lag when the voices in her head would not stop talking, it came to her – “I’ll start a blog called Literary Pixie.” Since then, Literary Pixie has grown alongside Sammy – from a blog to a radio show to a blovel.

And now, ten years later – it has been transformed into a publishing house and community organizer. 

The original purpose of the blog was to help meet like-minded people, and it still is! Through Literary Pixie and Sammy’s pursuit of understanding and belonging, she has met so many amazing people, some of whom she has had the honor of collaborating with.

Read more about our collaborators and message if you are interested in collaborating. We would love to connect! 

Our Publications

The Feminist Toilet

The Feminist Toilet is a literary magazine that focuses on celebrating and raising awareness about public health issues revolving around the toilet. Go to Submission Opportunities to find out more and view our previous issues here

Blow Gift 

Blow Gift is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on sharing useful information, stories, and art about healthy relationships. Go to Submission Opportunities to find out more. 

Leaf Life

Leaf Life is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on sharing columns, articles, reviews, listicles, and tips to support and empower you in building and maintaining a healthy, joyful, meaningful, and sustainable life in LA.  Go to Submission Opportunities to find out more. 

LP Pamphlets

We are launching our first series of pamphlets focusing on representing the full spectrum of age. Chapbooks are 4 to 16 pages of art, poetry, or prose. Go to Submission Opportunities to find out more. 

ELA & ESL Lesson Plans

We firmly believe that media companies have a responsibility to provide resources and support to teachers as well as create content that considers the impact it has on children and the world. Their job isn’t just to entertain us but nourish our souls. Thus, we lead by example and provide lesson plans and curriculum for teachers to use in the classroom inspired by our content, as well as others. Go to Submission Opportunities to find out more. 


Our editor Sammy Ginsberg sends out a monthly newsletter hosted on Substack with whatever she feels like in it as a way to share thoughts and opportunities, and stay connected. Sign up here!


Our editor Sammy publishes a column called Sammy Says, we also do reviews, interviews, poems, and posts by our collaborators.