Sammy Says: Six Things To Remember

This whole break I have been thinking a lot. It is my final semester, and I keep coming back to the same questions and finding no answers. It has been a winter break of ruminating. Here are six thoughts of mine that I keep circling back to.

  1. Take your dreams seriously.

Stop putting other people before your own. Stop working on it on the side or for fun. Stop telling yourself that you will be fine if it doesn’t succeed. When people ask you what your dream is, “what do you want to be?”, stop telling people other dreams that aren’t really your dream. It’s time to confront your dreams, and to take them seriously. You may not take yourself seriously, but try to take your work seriously. Dreams are as real as you think they are.

  1. Try everything.

You think you know yourself but it is impossible. It is impossible to know one’s self, because what is the self? It is ever changing. Stop saying what you can and cannot do. Stop thinking about what you can and cannot do; just do.

“Do or do not, there is no try”

– Yoda

  1. Be honest to yourself, to everyone

Sometimes you are lying to yourself, and you can feel it. You are just repeating what you’ve heard. You are just saying what they want you to say, not what you want to say. Don’t do that. Just be honest, just say what you want. Remember –

“Be who you are and say what you mean, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

– Dr. Seuss.

  1. It is about people. Life is about people.

I am always forgetting this, hiding away in my room thinking, “no one will understand,” when the real reason no one understands is because I don’t try to make them understand. I close up my insides and hide behind the facade of how I should be, not how I actually am. It is important to remember that in the end life is about people – people of all kinds all places all wants and all ways. People will constantly surprise you. Listen to them, talk to them, share with them. We are a community. We are all connected.

  1. We are all connected.

We are all connected. We are all connected. We are all connected. Whether you say hi or not, whether you buy the Big Issue or not, whether you know them or not. We are all connected- the air, the same air, the street, the same street, our mental airwaves are still creating an energy in a place, in St. Andrews.

  1. Everything is Holy

A line from “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg. There is no such thing as good or evil; everything is grey. Everything is holy. It is important to remember that when life feels simple and people tell you that you are wrong. In life, there is no such thing as wrong – wrong is subjective. I have been considering getting this quote tattooed on my bum.

“Everything is Holy”

– Allen Ginsberg

Featured Image: Ilaria Maresi 

Originally published on The Tribe.