New Drinks

(September 12, 2012 1:46am)


Fucckin cranberry and gin is delightful

Oh and after eight is incredible

And so much to drink attached to a tall guy

And some guy who drank my murray

Cus it smelled godly and goldly

“I said it with an accent so fuck its mine for drinking”

Like cinnamon apple. 

I swallowed tequila,

well every drink was different,

and it was in my throat and it was loud an unreal and we laughed

as we danced and lost people as we crossed and drank fine drinks switching pay and being chill and JBHing throuhhut toown.

Felt t swoft the people

and th cladsiness ftom bar to ba and moment o momen

ane thint i can tp and be srunk withouyt lookig and th sale time.

Whle watchunf us look for fr dry and laugh abot peeing pem pem poem.