Kaboo 2016

Kaboo LP

With gratitude tattooed on my left foot,

dreamers dance in Del Mar

on misty Sunday afternoon.


Life is good.


Shakey Graves advices us not to run away.

We are contagious emotions

on Coors Light.


Cold War Kids shares that love is mystical,

but I don’t agree.

Love is a choice, a reality.


Lenny Kravitz jams and Cyprus Hill smokes,

Flo Rida parties, and we plan our pees

Under perfect blue and palm trees.


Aerosmith teaches us how to be young.

At 68, Steven Tyler is smokin’,

moving his hips, ow! Humping the moon.


Jack Johnson shows us how to love.

He sings Kaboo to sober,

as we sit, sand in our toes, smiles.


Drive home on the 5,

the weekend already behind us,

a field of plastic memories.