Interview: Paola Diana


As you all know most likely, although I don’t often state it, and this is perhaps the first time that I have ever written on my blog, I’m a feminist. Personally, I believe that everyone is a feminist on the inside, most are just not aware of it. Or, as Paola Diana paraphrases Doris Lessing in her book Saving the World, Women: The Twenty-First Century’s Factor for Change – “to be a woman is to be a feminist even if you don’t feel like one”.

I was fortunate enough to ask Paola a few questions about her book and her life. She is an extremely inspiring woman who led a think tank and has founded her own company the Diana Group, a market leader in recruitment and lifestyle services for high-net-worth individuals, families, and corporations. Yes its other name is Nanny & Butler… but she did start her own business!

Saving the World, Women: The Twenty-First Century’s Factor for Changis a great introduction to the world of feminism, a sweeping history of women and their changing role in society with a bold manifesto. The book made me aware of the brilliant women who are taking action and making the world a better place. I

And thus, here’s the Q & A:

Who have been your female role models and mentors, and how have they affected your life?

Unfortunately I didn’t have close role models or mentors growing up but I always admired strong and powerful women.  Margret Thatcher, Simone de Beauvoir, Simone Veil, and Virginia Woolf, who are all mentioned in my book, are women I find truly inspirational.

 Do you have any advice for a young woman who wants a mentor, but is nervous to ask someone, and has not had any woman ask or offer?

Stop being insecure and know your brain and your character are far more important than beauty! Think outside the box and set yourself free from prejudice and cultural boundaries. Don’t do what other do and don’t be what other people want you to be. Just be yourselfbe ambitious, bold and be strong. 

Can you summarize your vision into one sentence?

Be the change you want to see in the world

What is the first step to making this vision our reality?

Read my new book Saving the World! Be enlightened and be proactive- you are the only person who can make any real difference in your own life!


Thanks Paola for answering my questions, and for such an inspiring read. Women will change the planet! Huzzah!