Poetry Fair at Senate House #freeverse18


On Saturday, I woke up early. Yes, it was later than I wake up for work during the week – but it was Saturday. What had me up bright and early on a rainy, grey morning in London? It was the annual Poetry Fair!

Poetry, poetry, and more poetry! When I arrived to volunteer – the room was just tables and tables; an awkwardly large room. By noon it was buzzing. Some of my favourite* presses were there, and some of my to-be favourite presses were there, too.

I admit after standing outside the door greeting 300 visitors from 9am until 2pm, I was quite twitchy. I popped around to a few of the booths, collecting materials for National Poetry Day on October 4th, a copy of the Butcher’s Dog, information about Ambit magazine, and gave my email out to a few booths. And a surprise purchase from Smokestack books! (I only had $5 left and this is what he said he could give me).**


I met and said hi to a lot of wonderful people including Michelle Ho, Sophia Blackwell, Penned in the Margins, Michael Horovitz, SJ Fowler – get ready for European Poetry Festival 2019! – and Emma of The Emma Press. It was great to support the Poetry Society team, they were so welcoming. It was a truly great event to be a part of, the poetry community in the flesh and not just on twitter.

Can’t wait for #freeverse19!


*I am becoming so British! EEP.

**Yes, the book is titled Christmas in Auschwitz.