Bad Bitch is Back

How working in an office

doing your 9 to 5

can make you forget

that this is your life.

How invites to parties,

dating, and drinks

can make you forget

what you’re celebrating.

How stable arms

and a strong chest

can make you forget

that you’re depressed.

But when you start to say no,

when the love goes away,

then you’ll remember

you need to follow your way.

You’ll remember that time when you said so bold,

“I’m a bad bitch, and I’m telling the world what I hold.”

You’ve recognized you’re off, something is wrong,

you’re not listening to your heart,

you’re not singing your song.

You’re not going to let

heart break, fire, and fear

keep you where you are.

keep you insincere.

You’re going to tell them,

tell them you’re truth.

The bad bitch is back,

no questioning, just proof.



Written December, 2018

Image by Sammy (window in my bedroom)

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