10 Things to do before my 28th Birthday:

  1. Quit my job!
  2. Go on a month long trip around England visiting four literature festivals and blog about them, call it the Literary March.
  3. Volunteer with refugees in Greece or abroad and teach English.
  4. Get butt tattoo.
  5. Have the biggest BJ anniversary party ever where I rebrand the blow job; it’s called a blow gift!
  6. Shave my head.
  7. Dye my whole head hot pink. And my armpits. Again.
  8. Organize a Clitoris themed party to raise money for Daughters of Eve. Save the clitori!
  9. Create a Lil’ Clitty rap music video. I’m taking this over from Samantha.
  10. Organize a World Toilet Day celebration on behalf of The Feminist Toilet.

That’s all I got so far… but I’m sure they’ll be more. The parties you are deffoo invited to!

If there is one thing you should know about me it’s that I do everything I say I’m going to do. This bad bitch handed in her notice in fucking style and is starting to tell the world her truth.

27 year-old Sammy has got this.

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