Does Literature Even Matter

A picture I took in Glasgow at Voltaire and Rousseau, aka the happiest place on earth.

Yes, I did quit my job to go traveling around the UK as a ‘literary festival blogger’. Yes, I realize that’s not a ‘real job.’ No, I’m not getting paid, I’m not funded, and I’m not sad about it. Actually, I’m thrilled. I’m free! I nearly had a mental breakdown pretending that I can work in a corporate environment; I’m done lying to myself. I’ve been saving for the last six months so that I can support myself to do what I want to do with my life.

The world is suffering from a crisis in listening, and so I’m going to go a’ listening! I listened to my heart, and it told me this is what I should do. As I sat on the toilet at work crying, thinking “I don’t belong here anymore” — another thought said, “you should go to four literature festivals in four weeks in March.” At first I was like, that’s crazy. But now I actually am.

March 8th — 9th, I’ll be attending Tamworth Literature Festival.

Read my interview with the one of the Directors.

March 9th — 10th, I’ll be attending StAnza Poetry Festival.

Read my article from last year.

March 14th — 17th, I’ll be attending the Essex Book Festival.

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March 21st — 24th, I’ll be attending Teignmouth Poetry Festival.

Read my interview with the one of the Directors.

March 27th — 29th, I’ll be attending Huddersfield Literature Festival.

Read my interview with the Director.

I’ll finish the tour at the European Poetry Festival in April where I work as the Director of PR and Marketing, as well as an event in London to culminate my trip. That’s actually six festivals. Hehehe.

Yeaaaa…I’m obsessed with literature festivals. I think it’s due to my social anxiety that I love them so much. Until I was 19, I used to love people who would just talk and talk and talk and never ask you a question. It was so easy to get them to like you, all you had to do was smile and nod, the easiest friend to make. They never asked anything of you, and literature events are like that, too. But then, you hit a point — like I have now, where you’re ready to be listened to… where you start to think, this should be a conversation. To quote the Literary Pixie manifesto, “I have listened, I have learned,” and now I’m ready to contribute. That’s why I’ve decided to blog about my experience and what I learn.

I hope to find out about about the issues that small and midsize towns outside of London are experiencing. I hope to meet local thinkers in those areas and to learn about their writing communities. I hope to learn why literature still matters — as it deffo matters to meeee. I hope to have fun, to laugh, and to be surprised.

Technology has made it easier than ever to share your story, yet it’s also made it harder than ever to have your voice heard. I want to listen to these creative voices, and share them in the way that I can.

If you want to come along, or have any requests, suggestions, or advice for me during my travels, then hit me up. I’d love to hear from you!


PS. This is #2 on my 10 Things to do Before My Birthday. xxxx

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