Tamworth Local Author Event Review

As part of Tamworth LitFest 2019, I attended the Meet Local Author event at Tamworth Library. I was incredibly excited for this event; I love meeting authors. It’s similar to how I love independent coffee shops, restaurants, and bookstores; there is only one in the whole entire world. I love the ephemera of it. I researched all the authors before hand, as I wanted to make sure to make the most of my time. I only had one hour, as I had a mad dash to the train station in order to make my next train up to St Andrews!

I didn’t get to talk to everyone I wanted to, but I made sure to have meaningful conversations.

The first person I spoke with was Michael Feeley. I was very excited to meet this man. Reading up on him, I learned that he is a former UK police officer and now ancient code breaker who has written over seven books. He has experienced multiple UFOs and paranormal experiences. I’ve never met anyone who’s had paranormal experiences. I had an experience that has made me believe in ghosts, and thus was very interested to hear what Michael had to say.

We got right into it.

Sammy: So what’s your book about?

Michael: Basically, I’ve discovered a code that connects all of the ancient worlds together into the modern day. I believe this code unlocks knowledge that has been protected and kept by the high elite and needs to be shared with the people.

Sammy: Why do you think people need to know about this code?

Michael: I want to help make them more conscious and aware of what is going on around them, to show them that everything is connected.

Gosh, I was so convinced, I bought the book and can’t wait to read it!

Then, I spoke to the author Dawn Brookes. She worked as a nurse for 39 years, which inspired her bestselling series of Hurry Up Nurse as well as her Rachel Prince cozy mystery series, which combine a unique blend of murder, cruising, and medicine with a touch of romance. She goes on ‘research cruises’ every year, just brilliant. She runs the Oakwood Book Festival, and invited me to blog about that. Deffo going on my list!

The last person I spoke to before fleeing the scene of authors was Lee Benson. I’d also researched him beforehand. In 2008, he’d made the local news for hosting an exhibition of sculptures of prostitutes by Andru Fijakowski. With pieces called ‘Sucking Suzi’, ‘Bitch’, and ‘Fuck Bunny’, he scandalized the small village of Brindleyplace – with one granny even saying, “I bring my grandchildren to town and I’d hate them to see this vulgar exhibition.” As someone who organizes a blow job anniversary party every year, I was pretty sure we were going to get along. We had a very interesting conversation about social media, art, and taking your creativity seriously before I dashed off. I recorded the conversation, so will be typing up / editing the interview soon! He also introduced me to Henry Egg.

Henry Egg & I

Met so many interesting authors at the event, and was sad to be leaving so soon! It was a great event, and a great way to make connections and have some interesting conversations.

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