He Could Be #1

could be that somebody

it feels sometimes I think

but oh my brain,

‘is this how it feels to be held by the one

my whole body feeling so at home

yet projection of future

creates fear of rejection,

of – is this what I think it is?

Is this how it should feel?

Am I just pretending?

Is this even real?


All I know is how I feel

so happy with him,

happier than alone

although very happy alone

but happier with him,

as he asks me what I’m thinking,

and I tell him,

and I ask him what he’s thinking,

and he tells me.

why has this always been the dream?

to communicate so free

to be understood –

I think what we think we see

is that it could be,

but time, time, time

more time!

time’s winged chariot

fear of good bye.


Image is The Awakening Consciousness, 1853, William Holman Hunt