He Could Be #2

darling you need to say no

how the world whirls in your head

round and round like a crown,

buzzing with should be could be would be

don’t want to let them down, let them down

but in the act

letting myself down.


Oh I should have said no yesterday-

should have said see you Tuesday,

but now I’m just tired! And stressed.

As the world takes it’s rolling way

and he says, “I’m starting to fall for you,”

And I say, “me too.”


All I know is I think I want to text him all the time,

but I hold myself back. And feel the need

to share how anxious I am,

I am so very anxious.


I have officially only slept alone in my bed twice this month…

and tonight is the only night I can sleep alone –

but I have such an itch to see him.

A need- I think it’s because I’m afraid if I don’t see him,

it won’t be real. It will go away, he will take it back.


But must trust his words, his thoughts.

Trust it is real – will last.


Love and Psyche, Jacques-Louis David, 1817