Email #2: Contemplating Communication

Hello friend,

I know I published a whole bunch on FB in March. To be honest, it make me feel anxious and nervous and stressed out. I felt uncomfortable about taking up space on your newsfeed, taking up your time to read what I write, what I think, and what I feel.

It meant so much to me, to have a space to publish my story, and to feel supported and encouraged to share. I have always struggled to feel confident in my own voice. In high school, I was known as the quiet girl. My peers decided who I was, and I felt afraid to correct them, to say – I’m not quiet, I’m just shy, I’m just afraid of your judgement, I just want you to like me.

I became depressed, and instead of standing up for myself, I switched schools. Even then, I felt put in the wrong box and again instead of standing up for myself, I moved 5,000 miles away to a small fishing village in Scotland where I knew no one in order to continue to figure out who I was and what I thought. It’s been ten years, and I’m only now beginning to stand up for myself.

The last thing I want to do is impose my thoughts onto you, or overstep your boundaries after you have so graciously permitted me into your newsfeed, into your time, into your mind.

And so I’ve put together this survey. I’d love to hear what you think about social media, communication in general as well as my own. It’s anonymous – so please be as honest and critical as you feel comfortable.


PS. There is a surprise after you submit! <3

PSS. I have some big news coming soon. Get Ready!