Email #3: I’m Moving to Greece!

Hi Friend,

You may or may not seen my tweet or FB post. I hope you haven’t. I hope you are enjoying your Saturday! I hope you are sitting in the sunshine with a smile on your face with good company and happy thoughts. 

I hope you’re reading this on Monday sitting at your desk getting on with it after a blissful and relaxing weekend. 

But tomorrow is the EU Elections, and I didn’t register to vote. I know! I’m an idiot. Today, something terrible happened on Samos. There was a peaceful protest by the residents of the refugee camp, and the police responded with tear gas, batons, and arrests. 

My flatmate Jerome, a documentary filmmaker, was arrested for taking photographs. That is his picture above. When I came home, he was there and shared with me what happened to him. I realized that I already knew that this had happened. I had heard shouts and screams on the way for my morning coffee, and I knew that it had something to do with the camp. 

In this blog post, I have shared Jeromé’s experience. 

What is happening here is terrible and cannot be ignored. That’s why, I’ve decided to defer going to University for a year and move to Samos to volunteer full-time with Action for Education as the Communications Coordinator.

I haven’t told anyone publicly yet, as we are completely redoing the website and launching a bunch of new projects! (a fashion brand, a press, a magazine, an academic journal! If you want to get involved – message meee!! <3). This past week, we’ve been writing our new mission statement and figuring out our values. 

Obviously, I wanted to tell you guys! I’ll be coming home to London on June 7th to collect my things and leaving on July 7th on a week long road-trip to Samos! I’ll be stopping in Calais, Paris, Milan, Berlin, and other cities along the way. 

I’m organizing the Action for Education event for World Refugee Day on June 20th in London! We haven’t booked a venue or speakers yet, so if you would like to speak or know a good venue, do let me know. Or just mark your calendar 😛 

But yep – I’m actually moving to Greece. LOLS! Sammy on Samos!

So yes- please come visit! 

All my love,


PS. Don’t forget to vote!