I Can’t Believe This is Happening

I can’t believe this is actually happening.

I can’t believe I was an idiot and didn’t register to vote for the EU Elections.

I can’t believe i can do absolutely nothing to stop this from happening to these people.

I can’t believe that the only thing I can do is write a blog post and post it on Facebook and hope that someone who can do something reads it and takes action.

I can’t believe these peoples experiences are being gaslighted.

I can’t believe that these people feel like they are being treat like animals.

I can’t believe that I am a citizen of the countries that because of their foreign policies that I didn’t vote for have caused destruction, torture, and death in these countries and caused over 65 million people to flee.

I can’t believe that they would rather be in a refugee camp infested with snakes, rats, and spiders and sleep on the ground on an Island that actively invalidates their existence than in their own country.

I can’t believe that this is actually happening.

I can’t believe that this is all I can do.

I don’t.

I will not.

I will try to do something.

I will try to act.

I will act.