Interview: Abdulwahab

Abdulwahab, a Syrian refugee, is a freelance journalist and a guest lecturer at LCC and other universities. He is a member of No Direction Home, a stand-up comedy group mentored by award-winning comedian Tom Parry performing alongside Romesh Ranganathan at the Southbank Centre as part of World Refugee Week as well as out our very own World Refugee Day event. Abdulwahab is currently working on a podcast to raise awareness about integration and adapting to the new host country. He works on issues related to ethics, identity and refugees.

I asked him about his thoughts on education and creativity:

How has education contributed to your creative expression?

While education was very important growing up, I think critical thinking and questioning everything is what helps my creativity.

What do you think one needs in their life in order to be creative (or funny in your case!)?

Creativity comes from dark moments, depression or a struggle (or at least that’s what I think). One has to go through some tough times, and then reflect on the process and maybe take the Mickey out of it in order to cope with it and move on.

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