Interview: Mark Coverdale

Mark Coverdale is a poet living and working in London. He is the founder and editor of Tonic Sta Press. In 2019, with Julia Smith, they founded Poets Versus, a platform for poets highlighting and fighting social injustice and inequality. Widely published, Mark writes and performs socially and politically observational poetry. He’ll be performing at our World Refugee Day 2019 Event in London.

I asked him about his thoughts on education and creativity:

How has education contributed to your creative expression?

I can’t really say that formal education has helped in my poetry, though studying Fine Art at college especially, then at University gave me the expressive freedom over 6 years to explore artistic ideas and consume the work of others which I may never had without the time and space to do so.

What do you think one needs in their life in order to be creative?

I would suggest that aside from a level of self-confidence and belief in one’s own ideas and how to present them, the ability to never switch off, work hark, observe everything, take notes, remember conversations, consume art and listen to your fellow artists, are most important for a creative life.I’m not sure this answers the question properly, but these are the things I have most gained from.

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