New Lows

I am currently working at a summer camp ran by EF Education First, the world leader in International education, and we are having a lot of issues. It has become a living nightmare. 

I have experienced my new employment low – dressing up like a blue bear, hiding in a forest, and being chased by 120 international students for points. 

I have also experienced my new teaching low – being forced into a class of 21 international students of all different levels to teach beginners English for 3 hours with no time to prep and no real lesson plan, causing me to have a breakdown during our break. I literally said, “I cannot do this, I just can’t” and cried. Straight out of some summer camp drama.  

And even my tour guide low, being told to walk 60 international students from the British Museum to the Natural History Museum in 2 hours while also trying to avoid the Pride parade. We walked for four hours, and still never got to go to the museum. All the children were upset, bored, and tired, but in the end I got reported for a health and safety breach. Just as we were almost at South Ken station, our group was accidentally split up for a few minutes because they didn’t follow us. We were reunited and everyone returned home safely, but as the leader of the back, I should have turned around to check.

However, these are not problems, but experiences (and soon funny stories!). What I need advice on is how to get the manager to make the changes that the we the teachers need in order to do our jobs. 

See, despite the fact that we are just doing what we’re told, that we’re trying to do the best we can with what we have, we are getting blamed by the senior staff for the children not having fun.

Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, asking for help, and supporting us to do our work, they have complained that we have not done our jobs, that we have breached heath and safety codes, and that we have jeopardized the Education First brand.

As much as that may be true, the only reason this is happening is because of poor management, lack of professionalism, and disorganization in what is meant to be an established organization with over 50 years of experience.

I have decided to turn to social media and the internet for advice because I honestly don’t know what to do next. I am meant to continue working here for two more weeks, but if nothing changes, I know what will happen.I have been there before, and I will not let that happen to me again, to us.

This time, I won’t hand in my notice and run away to Greece.

This time I will speak up, and, together, we will make change happen.

So – yeah, we’re having an emergency meeting tonight at 9:30pm.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!