Scott Stapp Don’t Stapp!

Photographer is Nathan

Who knew rock n’ roll and changing the world could go hand in hand? I know they often did in the 60s, 70s, and 80s aka Rock Against Racism, but in the 21st century – rock n’ roll just seems about drugs, being angry, and making money. It’s as capitalist as everything else: get famous, get rich, get even. It’s not about love, it’s about likes. And then I saw Scott Stapp perform and realized, yep, I was wrong. Rock can change the world and Scott Stapp is leading the way. 

Scott Stapp is most famous for being the lead singer of Creed, with hits like “With Arms Wide Open”, “My Own Prison”, and “One Last Breath”. I thought that Scott just might be out of money, and so decided to go on tour playing songs from Creed, but I was so wrong. Scott has something important to say, and I feel so thankful I was there to listen. 

To be honest, I almost didn’t go. Creed really isn’t my kinda music. And I got the tickets as a gift for getting involved with the Calabasas Rotary Club. I didn’t really know who he was, but I’m not one to say no to free tickets. I asked a few friends but no one was interested, and then I asked the guy I’m dating Nathan, “I got free tickets to a concert at the Canyon Club, it’s the lead singer of Creed. Want to be my date?” 

“NO WAYYYYYY I fucking love Creed 😂😂😂” 

After attending the concert with Nathan, I too am in love with Creed, but mostly Scott Stapp. He is a beautiful human who has overcome great adversity and truly found what he is meant to do and making it happen. 

Scott’s new album The Space Between the Shadows shares the story of his battle with mental health, his awareness of the effect of childhood trauma on his life, and the actions he took to break the cycle. THE CYCLE! I’ve been reading a lot about that, as I believe that I too was stuck in a cycle. Gosh there were so many songs I wanted to add to my mental health motivation playlist (and did!)

His song, “Survivor” really spoke to me.You tried to knock me out, but you couldn’t drop me… you messed with a fighter… I stand here, a survivor…” That is how I feel about my experience, hell I’m still living at my parents’ house, still in therapy, but I am still fighting. At least I’m not crying every day! Wooppppp. Trying to break the cycle and be who you are meant to be is difficult. This song really captures the victory and celebrates the resilience of those who suffer from mental health problems as well as other difficulties in life. 

Scott is a true inspiration. After multiple suicide attempts and a public mental breakdown that made headlines, Scott is standing stronger than ever. More than that, he is using his voice to make a positive difference in the world.

At the gig, he spoke about his work with ChildFund. “I would never ask you to give your money to something I didn’t verify. I’ve gone to Ecuador, I know they are doing great work,” he shared. He asked us to sponsor a child that night, and as a recognition of our charitable act, he’d give us a signed CD of his new album and a vintage 2002 Creed t-shirt. Nathan and I did! We now have a child together named Emil who lives in Honduras. Well mostly Nathan as he’s a scientist and fully employed, but I emotionally supported him in this decision so… Emil is our child. :p 

In addition to his work with ChildFund, Scott Stapp has started his own foundation called With Arms Wide Open that works to bring hope to children, families, and veterans by providing resources to those suffering from poverty, addiction, mental illness, PTSD, and life’s hardships. He also supports his wife Jaclyn Stapp in running her own foundation Children Are Magical.

At the end of the event he shared the lesson he learned the hard way, “My children are my grammys. I don’t care if I win another award in my lifetime, as long as I have my family, I am happy.” 

And then the guitar crescendoed, and he began to gyrate in his tight black jeans and t-shirt, crooning, “I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking, six feet ain’t so far down.” 

One last breath. Before the lights went up and we moved out of the bar and into our cars and home, home, home. 

I’d obviously recommend giving his latest album The Space Between the Shadows, as well as attending one of his concerts! He’s an amazing performer, and his positive energy and strength radiates out towards the audience. I feel uplifted knowing their are people out there like Scott in the world. Check out his website for all the deets!