Brewery Trek of SD

More like a climb-hike-train-track-trek than a crawl! But brewery oh yes. This past weekend, I went to visit my cousin Holly in San Diego. As a LA native, it is hard to consider San Diego as better… but that’s what Holly was telling us. “You’ll love it! San Diego is the best, the best tacos, the best skate parks, the best beaches, the best beer. You should move here too! My roommates and I, we have a saying, ‘Treat Yourself,’ and we do. San Diego is way better.”

“Yeah, okay Holly. Sure. I’ll come visit.” I said that in July when I first returned to California. Then I said, “Wait until I get a job or get into my teaching credential or both.” 

Four months later, all those dreams had come true and I was finally in my car driving to SD to visit Holly. 

Four hours later, I’m sitting in her home in Mission Hills looking at a gorgeous view of the twinkling airport and all that sea surrounded by paintings, fairy lights, records, and bongs. 

Twenty-four hours later, I’m sitting in her living room beautifully drunk and high eating Crack Shack fried chicken and playing ukulele with her attractive French roommate; that same view glowing on our faces. 

Forty-eight hours later, I’m sitting in my living room watching Outlanders with my parents and contemplating a bath, an early bedtime, and another life where I kept being young and my motto was still “Treat Yourself”. 

There’s a reason I say beautifully drunk. I wasn’t drunk on cheap beer or tequila. No, I was drunk on locally crafted beer, mead, cider, and sake – and boy was it a delicious journey. 

I guess it’s a San Diego thing – out in Miramar – basically a boring suburb with large industrial buildings – there are over 14 different breweries. Obviously the perfect place. All about that warehouse life! 

Holly’s French roommate Max was part of a friend group of French expats living in San Diego. “Yeah, whenever a French person arrives and they are young and want to party, they join our group.” It was quite a vibe. Sadly, four of them were leaving to go back to France, and alas, it was time for a Brew Crawl Bye Bye. And oh my… it was a splendiferous bye bye. Our tour guide navigated us along a train track, the side of a hill, and a half-mile walk until we reached last call. There were three breweries that we missed, but alas, we’ll have to do it again! 

“That’s why I told you, you only have 30 minutes at each bar!” I can hear our tour guide saying loud and clear. But I also see him falling asleep at the 9th brewery, so c’est la vie. Learned some French. Actually to be honest, we didn’t learn that… we learnt, “est-ce que tu branles?” or “are you wanking in there?”. The context is more endearing than you think, the question of a mother knocking on the bathroom door of her dearest son taking a bit too long. 

I tried writing poems inspired by the drink at each one… until I got so drunk that I found myself crying when someone trying to make innocent small talk asked,” Do you miss living in the UK?” 

Thus, below – please find my booze inspired poetry and tearful explosion:

Brewery Trek - the map with beers where we stopped at

Lost Cause – La Vie Miel (Mead)

Complicated like life

ginger, rose hips, honey, wine

all the things that make life divine


Check out the brewery here.

Protector Brewery – Beast Mode (Stout)

You don’t know me

drinking my big man

Beast Mode, dark and hairy.

Check out the brewery here.

Align – Ol’ Stout

Like an oat cookie fuse

from foam to moat

as reggae tunes and overcast SD

and foosball blops. 


Check out the brewery here.

Setting Sun Sake – Watermelon Cloudy / Cascara Cherry Chocolate

Who knew sake could be this? 

Samurai anime

jazz on tap. 


Check out the brewery here.


If you want a stout

that tastes like a chocolate cake

or a sour that tastes like a pickle…


Check out the brewery here.

30% of Me is Always Miserable – (Poem)

You are nearly crying when he asks, 

“Do you miss the UK?”

The choices that brought you here, here

Life is unperfect

always, everywhere

this is why I choose to be here,

there is nowhere better than Present. 


Okay Holly, after seeing your side of life, I have to say – San Diego is pretty dang good.