Sammy Says: The Seven Decisions that Changed My Life

Me taking a selfie in the toilet with my seven decisions poster

When I was feeling low, like really low, like hitting my bottom low, I read this book that changed my life. Well, actually I read three books during that period. They helped save me in their small, yet profound ways. I have started to think that all things, especially books, have consciousness and appear exactly when you need them. 

On Christmas morning, I opened up a present from my Mom and a present from my Dad. I peeled back the red wrapping paper to reveal Successful Women Think Differently by Valorie Burton and Pivot: The Only Move that Matters is Your Next One by Jenny Blake. Yeah – they’d obviously been listening to me these past months crying about my job, my boyfriend, and my fears. They encouraged me in the way they could – buying me books by experts who could then support me in overcoming my challenges. 

I started with Pivot, because well the first thing I needed to figure out was what I wanted to be successful in. Once that reflection process was complete, I moved on to the next topic: how to become successful. 

Now before my whole crisis, I would never have been caught reading self-help books. I was literature and poetry all the way. And then I had big problems, and I was like FUCKK what do I doo! No one I know has been through this / I’m too afraid to ask because it’s embarrassing and upsets me to talk about and I don’t want to make anyone else feel uncomfortable / AHHHHHHHHHHH – and then I bought my first self-help book. OMG. It was life changing. For the last year, all I can read are self-help books. I’ve even started to question why people bother reading fiction… but then I stopped. 

Valorie starts Successful Women Think Differently by asking the reader to agree to seven key decisions. They are simple yet profound. Abstract concepts I’d felt but never found the words to create action, but Valorie did. I immediately wrote them on a piece of paper and tapped them on my bathroom mirror. It’s called the Bathroom Mirror Method – and bitch it workkksss. 

I’ve been reading these seven decisions at least two times a day sometimes more depending on how frequently I use the toilet. They have penetrated my psyche and come to me in moments where I need to choose how to act. Yes, I firmly believe that I am in control of my behavior, and I can transform into whoever I want to be (or whoever I am meant to be – whatever makes you feel better!)

Here are Valorie’s Seven Decisions. I hope they help you the way they helped me. But don’t worry, I’ll go more into that in the next seven posts 😛 

Seven Decisions:

  1. I do not downsize my dreams
  2. I focus on solutions, not problems
  3. I choose to be authentic
  4. I choose courage over fear
  5. I choose relationships wisely and nurture them intentionally
  6. I will actively seek feedback and use it to grow
  7. I know my purpose and take daily action in the direction of my vision.

I’d highly recommend Pivot by Jenny Blake and Successful Women Think Differently by Valorie Burton to help you get yourself to where your meant to be!