Sammy Says: I’m Your Gal

So where do we start? To teach how to communicate effectively so that we can create the universe of our dreams.

From all my teaching courses so far, I’ve learned that in order to learn – the student must feel safe, cared for, and the ability to take risks, as well as must trust and respect the teacher. They’ve also shown that people learn best when they are having fun and motivated! Isn’t that just the irony of our entire education system! Hell – our entire workplace! I got told off at my previous job for smiling too much and trying to make work fun, and there the research shows that actually – that’s how you learn and work best! Please can you send the research to all the major CEOs and officials who control those things please and every person on LinkedIn with the current title of manager? Hey, maybe I’ll do that.

Gotta find the right words and the right research paper. How do I teach those people too which really could be you? You might be a manager or a business owner or even a parent or caretaker. Who knows!

And also, how do I do that on the internet with social media and my blog as my primary tools / classroom?

Well, the first thing I wanna say is I’m learning too. I am no expert, though I’m trying to become one. But even an expert has to keep learning and growing. There is always more to learn. I’ve decided to commit my whole life (as far as I know it to be) to becoming an expert in this area and trying to support as many people as possible in communicating effectively. So at least I gotta lifetime to learn this. Phew.

If anyone is already an expert in this, if you are looking for a mentee – I’m your gal!

If you are looking for a mentor- I’m your gal!

If you are also trying to learn what I’m trying to learn – I’m your gal!

If you have resources already that you’ve been learning from – I’m your gal!

This is me reaching out! This is me experimenting! This is me trying to listen to my thoughts and make changes! wooop.