Sammy Says: 20 things I love to do:

Been thinking about self-care this morning, and how I haven’t been feeling restored when I go back to work. I read in a book recently to write down 20 things I love to do, oh the goals book! These are the things that bring joy and reenergize. These are the ideas that go in my self-care tool kit. I thought I’d share them!

If these overlap with yours, maybe we can do it togetherz!

  1. I love to read books, especially outside in beautiful places. 
  2. I love visiting and supporting independent, local restaurants and stores that are made with love. 
  3. I love writing for fun and free writing and letting it all go into words. 
  4. I love learning new things!
  5. I love meeting new people, visiting new places, experiencing new ways of living!
  6. I love dancing and singing. 
  7. I love walking, rock climbing, river rafting, kayaking, adventures in nature. 
  8. I love farmers markets. 
  9. I love supporting artists and creatives, especially independent ones who are motivated by love and sharing, not money and fame. 
  10. I love organizing events.
  11. I love supporting my friends and family in doing things that they love and care about, and being a meaningful and positive part of their lives (and them being that for me too!). 
  12. I love experimenting with quality of life and sustainable, conscious living and participating in human rights activism.
  13. I love estate sales and thrift stores.
  14. I love petting Ozzie. 
  15. I love freedom of expression, especially poetry and radical genuineness and authenticity.
  16. I love collaging and trash art. 
  17. I love playing with ideas and then making them real just to see what happens. 
  18. I love playing my ukulele. 
  19. I love dreaming about creating a “third space” with my friends filled with all the things we love. 
  20. I love sharing who and what I love with other people, especially when it brings them joy, too!