Coffee: LONGEVITY, THousand Oaks

This morning I visited Longevity Coffee. I’ve been wanting to go for ages – right across from my favorite British pub the Crown & Anchor! After feeling rather gloomy this morning, I did it. I tried to do something for me to bring me joy, one of the things from my “20 Things I Love List”:

I love visiting and supporting independent, local restaurants and stores that are made with love. 

Well, Longevity Coffee is definitely a local and independent shop made with love!

Here’s a wee poemy-review I wrote about my experience this morning:

I did it! Even though I felt the patter of ambivalence

and the count-down to Time-to-Work,

and that feeling – that my life is not my own,

I got in my car and did the thing I’ve been wishing to do,

to try a coffee at Longevity: the world’s healthiest coffee!?


Husband & wife & daughter side by side on a Saturday am.

Wide smiles and such warmth, a shop of love,

“This is for my girls,” so I gave a tip.

“We make our own almond milk!”

and I couldn’t resist.


Sitting cross legged on turf in a parking lot

nibbling almond bits in my cappuccino

& feeling holistic.

This is the new normal, mask at my side, 6 feet

a Pilates class in masks in tents nearby.


Check phone. 9:43. Sip.

Check phone. 9.45. Sip. Stop! Enjoy your 5 mins.

At 9:50am, I will – nah, I’ll just go now,

sipping as I drive until

half of it is on me and I cry.


This is all temporary. This is not working.

No room for spontaneous, in this hustle to

live a long, happy life, whatever that means.

Stop counting. Oh my anxiety. Focus on joy.

Another sip, wipe my tears, put on my mask


My job is to make a girl smile for three hours

So I let myself go. So many people I am paid to make smile,

but what about me?

When I get home, my grandpa says, “My TV was broken and …”

I keep on my mask.


I am not well again, I am not well.

Why does it all feel like emotional labor?

Paid to give it and ashamed to receive it.

I don’t want to be me, and I don’t want to be human.