Book Review: One Chance by Terroll Lewis

I am in quarantine, and so thankful to have One Chance by Terroll Lewis to take my mind completely away from the present. Thank you for sharing your story. 

Woah. What a journey Terroll Lewis has been on. A crazy life indeed! One Chance is the memoir of Terroll Lewis sharing his experience growing up Brixton’s Myatt’s Field estate and being a member of the gang OC before turning his life around and starting the Brixton Street Gym in his own neighborhood to give young men like him a safe space to develop their minds and their bodies. Goodness, it was a tough life with so much violence and so much fear and so much strength. His family went through so much; I am in awe of his mother and how she rebuilt her life. 

The details that Terroll shares from cutting crack rock to his experience getting stabbed, and more; this book will transport you. The writing is what I imagine speaking to Terroll in a pub might be like if you asked him, “So, what’s your story?”. There is even a dictionary in the front of the book to clarify on street-language, which is very necessary. Innit? That’s one of my favorites that appears throughout the book.

I visited a few of these neighborhoods when living in London, being my white girl hipster self. Gosh, the history of these communities went over me. I am so thankful to read this book and to learn more about the stories of those who call it home. 

Reading One Chance reminds me of the play Bullet Tongue that I saw at the Big House in November 2018. It was phenomenal and I cried my eyes out. A truly powerful story also about gangs in London. In the play, they compared gang life to Harry Potter- with gangs being part of the wizarding world, with all these muggles about. 

Overall,I love memoirs- and this one is one worth reading. 

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