JamaFo, Jamaica: Around the World in 195 Restaurants

Since we aren’t allowed to travel right now AND restaurants and small businesses are really hurting AND I love food, I’ve decided to start a blog series called “Around the World in 195 Restaurants.” I have been saying for months that I have wanted to do this, and now I am going to take myself seriously. This is not an original idea, United Nations of Food and Eat the World are already on it. They are going to be way more professional than me. For me, this series is about the journey. This is about joy! I am a teacher now (okay student teacher), so this really is just my passion project. Okay, maybe I hope this will be like my version of Julie & Julia and by the end of this project, I’ll have discovered myself and the world will also have discovered me. LOL. I did once dream of being a food and travel writer; I was even the Travel Editor at one of my college’s magazines. It is nice to return to the things I loved. I have realized that you don’t have to get rid of everything about yourself all the time, you can just get rid of the things that aren’t working. And thus, we are back on the blog writing about food! 

Flashback: Billy Bragg saying, “No one discovered me! I discovered me! Stop waiting for people to validate you. I made myself heard.” Gosh, I love him. 

The adventure begins! We started our trip around the world in Jamaica at JamaFo Express in Canoga Park. My friend Jake recommended it. He is vegetarian and they have a bomb vegan menu. Thus, we ordered online – a wonderful, friendly, and simple menu – and went to pick up dinner. 

Oh my gosh! Such joy walking into their space. The bursting blue and orange walls (just like their website!) brightened up my evening. Good vibes! They gifted us a piece of carrot cake as a Valentine’s Day treat. I left smiling!

“So glad we’re doing this!” I said to Jake in the car. Off and away home to eat our takeaway treats. 

Delicious! Spicy! Comforting! Nourishing! All at the same time. Jake got the jerk tofu and pineapple, I got the vegan Jerk chicken, and my parents got regular jerk chicken. We all went for the coconut rice and beans, plantains, and steamed veggies. We love plantains! As stated, their vegan options are amazing! It was a large portion, so filling! 

I wish now that we had gone all out, listening to Jamaican music, reading a Jamaican poet, watching a Jamaican film. Next time! / When is Jamaican Independence Day? August 6th! Ooh, I love a good tradition. Oh my gosh – doing a quick scan! Jamaica is sooooo cool! 

A few ideas for next time: 

Music: The Jolly Boys, “No Rice, No Peas, No Coconut Oil”

Poet: Louise Bennett Coverley, “No Lickle Twang”

Film: Dancehall Queen (Elgood, Letts 1997)

I haven’t been to Jamaica, although I have always been interested. I have had Jerk chicken before and been to the Carribean, but that’s not really the same as going to Jamaica.

Jerk chicken is one of my favorite meals, and JamaFo definitely hit the spot. Go David and Dave! 

JamaFo was great! What a hidden gem in the San Fernando Valley. I will definitely be back. 

Website: https://www.jamafoxpress.com/ 
Meals from $9 to $20
Canoga Park/West Hills
22213 Sherman Way, Los Angeles, CA 91303
Monday – Saturday 11:00A – 9:00P
Sunday: Rest Day (closed)