Mama D’s, Cameroon: Around the World in 195 Restaurants

Oh my gosh Mama D’s was great and like nothing I’ve eaten before. I mean I haven’t been to Cameroon so makes sense. Was so magical to see the owner in the kitchen. My friend Jake and I drove an hour from the Valley just to visit and it was well worth it. We ate in the parking lot, Covid style dining.

Jake ordered the beans and rice with plantains. He is vegan and that was their vegan options! The beans were a full meal with veg and so much spice. I had Ndole with shrimp and yam fufu. Ndole is one of the traditional dishes of Cameroon, it is a creamy spinach stew with shrimp on top. It was flavorful and delish. The yam fufu was this soft doughy ball wrapped in tin foil. It was kinda like a mash potato dumpling but more doughy and a bit sweeter but still very bland. It was quite comforting to eat. We really enjoyed the food and will definitely be back.

We were very excited to try this place having heard about it from LA Taco and the Eat The World LA Blog, and yes, were thankful for their recommendation.

We listened to Cameroonian music in the car – so fun! Here is a link to the playlist we danced to. It was just the first one, we didn’t really do much research – just trusted the algorithm.

We also read Cameroonian poetry on the way back. Powerful poems by Sarah Anyang Agbor and Irmagard Anchang Langmia.

I too sing Cameroon.
I am the ninth and tenth provinces
Or is it regions?
I just want to be human,
Not superhuman
Accepted as a person

Sarah Anyang Agbor

It was a lovely evening (minus some car issues!) and very delicious. I am curious to learn more about Cameroonian culture.

Def recommend Mama D’s!

Mama D’s

1240 S. Soto St., Los Angeles, CA