Versailles, Cuba: Around the World in 195 Restaurants

Oh Cuba was fun! And delicious. One day I would like to visit. Are we friends with them yet? I can’t remember. Turns out my friends in Glasgow also went to Cuba this weekend – which was pretty funny.

Jennifer J from Yelp

We visited Cuba in the Valley by eating at one of our favorite restaurants – Versailles! This is a family favorite of ours. We all ordered the same dish – Lechon As do aka pulled pork with onions, plantains, rice and beans. Hmm… so good. It has got a tang and so much flavor. My Mother is obsessed with onions so this meal is her jam; they literally have just raw onions as the topping. We did outdoor seating, very safe and loads of space around.

They have been around in LA for ages and have three locations! Super fast as well, and still are!

Then, kinda embarrassed but our Cuban film was Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights. I know, it’s an American film about Cuba – not quite the authentic documentary or Cuban film I imagined we’d watch. My parents love dancing! They really really into Argentinian Tango, my Dad has even competed in a Pro-Am tournament, and love watching dance movies. Also, my Mother is the biggest Dirty Dancing fan and had yet to see the sequel.

It was so fun! I enjoyed it immensely. How I dream of going to a salsa club like La Rosa Negra and just letting go on the dancefloor. It was glorious. Patrick Swayze even makes a brief appearance. What a love story! When our pandemic situation is over, I will be at a salsa night ASAP. If you wanna come along – message me!

When the film ended, we blasted Cuban music and had ourselves our own salsa night. Yes, my Mom and my Dad and I! It was a lot of fun – some real family bonding.

I would love to visit Cuba again both imaginatively and in real life! It was a lot of fun. And def go support Versailles, that place is amazing and a real iconic spot in the Valley.

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