Sammy Says: Bisnatches

So now i know that Bisnatches is not appropriate to put in a powerpoint, okay! I still think it’s fine. I still think that she can criticize my teaching when she’s seen me teach. Ugh teaching! First year teaching. They drop you in a classroom with so much responsibility and then disappear upstairs. The fear and expectations are overwhelming.

How do people do this for 21 years?! Actually I know– when a student says you rock and you see them write an amazing essay after feeling insecure about themselves and that they are not a good writer — and now they write! Now they do it and they smile and laugh. Then, it’s all worth it! It’s addicting, it’s amazing! It’s all worth it. It’s just the adults that are annoying — the people in charge, the parents, the funders, the people who run the apps. They aren’t in the class – don’t know our problems and don’t seem to ask!

I got so maddd this morning that I emailed my local councilmember cus I am just so disappointed by these adults I trusted who let me down. They do not know what I need. They do not ask. They do not know me.

Ughh it’s exhausting. And yet– must stay hopeful! We can do this! My personal legend! I feel it.

Can use my privilege to get the fuck out (did that!) or make it better here!