Sammy Says: Updates & Stuff

Been some time since my last post. My new district was processing my paperwork and I was nervous they would Google me and find my blog. I’m in now, and have started teaching! Woop! Very excited. It was quite a time – I missed the first week and a half because of the HR delay in Paperwork. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me, but whatever. I don’t have control. I wish I had been better able to manage my anxiety and frustration. Instead of working and prepping, I just distanced myself- escaped into reading books and reading in parks and working on my poetry instagram!

Yes – I made a poetry Instagram. Check it out! Excited for the next post / chapbook — it’s called, “Did you shave your legs yet?” Inspired by the one and only Big K!

I’ve started teaching and I am in a whole new phase. Well kinda. I am still living at home. I was gonna try to move out – and found a friend to move in with, and then, yeahhh! Anxiety and really wanting to be sure it’s a good fit. So, still living with my parents. Things are better though — I don’t hear my Mom or Grandpa in the morning! Because I wake up at 6:30am and leave before they wake up. It is kinda wonderful!

Getting into meal prep and salad jars!

Trying to get my daily exercise on, but finding it hard. I am still nervous to go to gyms and classes. Plus, it is hard to find classes in the Valley that are affordable and outdoors and near my house. I don’t know if I am just looking in all the wrong spots, if I need to get a gym membership, or what! Mostly all I can find are videos online. Or maybe it’s cus of all the luxury apartments with their gyms – so no one needs a cute, hip exercise center to go to nearby. Seen some awesome ones in Silverlake and Atwater Village, but absolutely nothing in the Valley. I am trying to research! Google makes it impossible. Still dreaming of my “Self-Care in the San Fernando Valley” guide!

Those are my three goals: teaching, self-care, and support network.

If you are reading this blog post, you are part of my support network, and I thank you a lot!

Read the first chapter of Atomic Habits by James Clear, and thinking all about the small habits and systems I need to create and build to make these goals come true. Although – as I say them, they aren’t really smart goals are they?

  • Do well in my teaching job with positive feedback and ability to see growth in my students.
  • Feel healthy and joyous and like all my needs are being met in my life!
  • Spend time caring and being cared by my support network, investing time and energy and joy!

Is that better? Kinda! Been reading a lot, lots to reflect on. Trying to make support groups to work on the changes and challenges I am going through. I posted in the blog post last time. Thinking — what? Some kind of Zoom where can connect with people also working on these challenges — to share on my blog?! With support network.

Overdue is happening! Writing more poems about friendship. Dating a nice guy who I really like! Trying to manage my anxiety with the Delta variant and all the crazy shit happening in the world and the inefficiency of LA! Seeing friends and family. Trying to just play!

How are you? Reach out if we haven’t talked in a while! Love you lots.