The Feminist Toilet: Call for Submissions 2022

Somehow after three years of utter chaos, conflict, and coping, we are still here and kicking! We humans are resilient beings and as long as our basic needs are met, we can get through a lot. 

This issue of the Feminist Toilet will focus on the basic need of the bathroom, and the fact that it is a basic need that many people worldwide do not have access to and that those who have access to it do not appreciate it. 

When we think of situations where people don’t have access to the toilet, we often exclude WEIRD (Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic) countries, but this is not true. In the United States there are regions in the middle of America that do not have access to water and bathrooms, as well as people who are unhoused in our very own backyards. In Greece and Mexico and Ukraine or places where many refugees are supported by the UN in temporary housing, they struggle to get access to sanitary bathrooms. 

In this issue of the Feminist Toilet, we hoping to raise awareness and support for people who are affected by this lack of access as well as the organizations working to solve this need. 

Send us your poetry, prose, music, art, and other creations all celebrating the toilet and raising awareness about these urgent public health issues! 

We are flooding with excitement to read them. 

Submit using this google form: 

Important Dates:

Deadline for Submission: December 19th, 2022

Launch Party: January 7th, 2023

Reserve your ticket and issue today!

All funds raised will be donated to organizations doing important work to make sure all humans have access to a toilet!