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Hi fellow sentient being!

Thanks for checking out more about me after reading about all the things we do at Literary Pixie.

I’m Sammy Ginsberg, a hipster-goober in clothes bought at goodwill, lavender Birkenstocks, and my Kipling backpack always.

I work as a high school English teacher currently working on my Masters in Secondary English Language Arts Teaching after changing my mind like a bajillion times! “You are allowed to change your mind as many times as you want” is one of my mantras.

I volunteer on the board for OVERDUE, a nonprofit working to make our neighborhoods cleaner, greener, and friendlier, and have volunteered in the past with Action for Education, TreePeople, PEN International, Boys and Girls Club of the West Valley, and Rotary. I am also a life member of Girl Scouts!

I am passionate about transforming our community into a love-based society where all humans have the resources, relationships, and rest to build quality lives filled with joy, meaning, and love. I believe that through creating spaces where people can be genuine and have meaningful conversations we can empower and support each other in living harmoniously together (and stop the cycle of oppression before we all die from dehydration, starvation, or war!).

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, but never felt like I belonged. At 18, I moved to Scotland where I studied English and Modern History at the University of St Andrews. I served as President of the Literary Esocitosi, Editor of The Tribe, Magazine and Volunteer Manager for the StAnza Poetry Festival. For my dissertation, I created a documentary on the international impact of “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg and the role PR and marketing played in its dissemination, which I presented at the European Beat Studies Conference in 2018.

After university, I worked in a variety of publishing roles in Los Angeles and London at Red Hen Press, SAGE Publications, and Midas PR. I also worked as a stage and venue manager at the Bradford Literature Festival and bookseller at Flintridge Bookstore and Selfridges. I also worked on my creative writing!

At 25 after a series of traumatic events, I decided to cut off my curly hair, quit my job, and move to Greece to become an English teacher and support people seeking refuge and asylum. I called this my Mamma Mia meets Lord Byron moment.

Once on Samos I realized that I was running away from my problems, that wherever I went I would bring those problems with me because they were inside of me, and that the only way to get better was to stop running and start working through them. I needed help. I realized I could not help others until I had taken care of myself, and thus, I chose to return to LA to go to therapy and do the work.

Three years later, I

I have traveled to over 30 countries before choosing to return to the San Fernando Valley after learning that the grass isn’t greener. I have picked my grass and watering it.

I have also tried many different career paths to figure out my calling

I care deeply about people and the environment, and want to help. I also suffer from people-pleasing and taking on too much responsibility. I am proud to come from a neurodiverse family and immigrants..

My Interests

Community Service/ Mutual AidBooksHikingSocial & Emotional Learning (EQ)
Mental Health & WellnessFoodWritingEducation
People & RelationshipsArtPoetryPub Quizzes

Published Work


How to Value Your Own Thoughts, 2019


How “Howl” Changed the World, 2016

The Porcelain Pilgrimage, 2020

Poems and Performances

“Social Distance Pandemic Blues”, 2020

“My Heart is a Diamond,” Living Artists Magazine

“Not Because You Gave Me Diamonds, But Because I Am One”, Askew Journal, 2020

“I Studied Business”, Calabasas Library, 2020

“Literary Lady Boner,” 2017

“Spilled Milk Entitlement Disorder,” 2019

“God Wears Lululemon,” Porridge Mag, 2018

“The Graduate,” The Ogilvie, 2017

“Pomegranates in the Parking Lot,” The Ogilvie, 2017

The Feminist Toilet #2, 2020

The Feminist Toilet #3

Leaf Life #1, 2022

Blog Posts and Articles



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