I’m Sammy Ginsberg, a poet, artist, and activist living in Los Angeles, CA. I value empathy, loyalty, growth, zeal, and uniqueness.

My vision is to live in a world where all humans have the knowledge, community, and skills to build a quality life filled with joy, wonder, and respect. I am using my life to do the research.

I have traveled to over 30 countries before choosing to return to the city I was born in after realizing that the grass isn’t greener. I have picked my grass and watering it.

I have also tried many different career paths to figure out her calling: direct support professional, English Language teacher, youth worker, marketing assistant, social media manager, documentary producer, bookseller, barista, pharmacy clerk, production assistant, box office assistant, poet, festival organizer, assistant theater manager, editor, writer, search engine optimization content writer, website designer, reading specialist, respite caregiver, babysitter, tutor, volunteer coordinator, publicist, event coordinator, grant writer, and my favorite – pub quiz host.

I care deeply about people and the environment, and want to help. I also suffer from people-pleasing and taking on too much responsibility. I am proud to come from a neurodiverse family and immigrants..

My Mission Statement

I am enjoying the journey of my life. In my life I will: 

  • nurture healthy, trusting, and loving relationships
  • develop the knowledge and skills to teach others the tools to build a quality life in my role as an educator: effective communication, literacy, creativity, social and emotional skills, wonder, curiosity, open-mindedness, reflection, coping
  • learn and be open to others – sharing, listening, supporting, empowering
  • create healthy boundaries so that I can be my authentic, unique, and excited self 
  • welcome others and make them feel accepted, safe, and that they belong. 
  • advocate and empower those who struggle to express themselves
  • work to build a society where quality life, compassion, accountability, sustainability, inclusion, truth, trust, and relationships are at the forefront of decision-making.

My Values


Being able to connect with others on a profound level of mutual understanding and concern. Not sympathy, but relating through shared human experiences that transcend time, place, and diversity. 


Giving firm support and remaining committed through dedicated and consistent action. This can be shown both to institutions and people. 


The process of continual and infinite learning and development physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


Great energy, passion, and enthusiasm in pursuit of a vision, dream, cause, or objective! 


I think Hesse says it best, “The very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world’s phenomena intersect, only once in this way and never again!” (Demian aka the book that changed my life).

My Interests

Community Service/ Mutual AidBooksHikingSocial & Emotional Learning (EQ)
Mental Health & WellnessFoodWritingEducation
People & RelationshipsArtPoetryPub Quizzes


If any of the things written here resonate with you, please in touch with me via email – seeliterarypixie(@)