Case Study: European Poetry Fest 2018 & 2019

Partner: European Poetry Festival 


Measure of Success: Festival Attendance 

Services Provided: Social Media Strategy, Marketing, PR, Grant Writing 

Business Type: Festival 

Partner Industry: Poetry Nonprofit

Case Summary: 

As a lover of poetry and travel – as well as a big Fan of SJ Fowler’s work – I offered my services to the European Poetry Festival. As this was the first year, there was no budget for PR or Marketing, no social media channels, and no email lists. We had over 100 people attend our key event, with over 600 event responses – meeting our attendance goals and allowing us to receive continual funding. Our success has allowed the festival to launch a sister festival, the Nordic Poetry Festival, which launches October 2019. 


It was the first year of the European Poetry Festival. There was no PR, Marketing, or Social Media Strategy. There was no Facebook or Twitter profile. There was just a website. Our funding is based on the impact of our festival, which is measured by attendance. I focused on building event lists as well as creating our social media profiles. All of our strategy had to be organic as there was no budget for PR or marketing. There was no money for my own role, as because so many people love poetry, they will do it for free. I am one of those people. Thus, as I was working a full time marketing assistant job, I high ROI for the time and energy I could donate. 


I launched our social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook, where the literary community is primarily based, as well as strategic for event promotion. I built an event listing document of the major event promotion websites in London, and an email list of all book related journalists in London. After writing the press release and publishing content on our social media platform, I actively promoted the event on all websites possible. 


Our Facebook event reach for 2018 had 523 responses. For 2019, our event reached 17,296 people with 600 responses. We had over 100 people attend our key event The European Camarade each year, and were able to receive continual funding from the International Writers’ and Translators’ House, Arts Council England, The Poetry Society, The National Centre for Writing, and more. We now have enough backing to launch a sister festival, the Nordic Poetry Festival.