Instead of writing in my journal, I’d love to talk to you while drinking my fav oat milk latte #hipstermuchhhhhh.

My favorite part of living in Scotland was that everyone always had time for a cup of coffee. It’s a small country (5.4 million people) compared to the monster that is America (327.2 million people), so I can see a bit why people were much more friendly and inclusive – but still!

Why can’t we be friends?!?!?! (yes, you know exactly what song I’m referring to…).

Or most likely just acquaintances, but that’s still pretty incredible.

I’ve actually been reflecting a lot on the difference between friends and acquaintance…. I have a lot of thoughts.

Maybe we can talk about them at coffee?

Send me an email – – and let’s put it in the calendar.

PS. I consider Skype-Coffees equally as valuable as in person. If anything they are ideal – no time wasted on transportation and you can BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee).