ELA Teaching Resources

I am currently a student-teacher, and have found it really overwhelming to create lesson and unit plans. My entire teaching credential experience has been online, so sometimes I think that’s why I feel like there’s this massive gap in my knowledge.

To help me and others whose heads of spinning because you can’t easily just ask someone, I am going to collate the resources I am finding and creating here. There are like INFINITE resources online and the act of processing everything and then using it to create your own plan in your own context for your own students takes more time and energy and effort than I have. I am on the edge of burnout, and don’t know how teachers have been doing this.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m hitting my head against the wall – and that the real reason I can’t figure this out is because the education system was not created to be 100% virtual (and not for broke student-teachers) and thus, this is just how it is, this is bigger than me and I just need to let go and take a bath.

Places with good resources: