I love going to events, I love organizing events, I just love events. There is something about being there in the flesh where people are breathing all together – creating an atmosphere, an energy, a community!

Here’s events I’ll be at, whether as attendee, organizer, or performer!

You can also check out my Five Free Events series for more ideas on events to go to. Get out and get going! The universe is waiting for you.

Upcoming Events

European Beat Studies Conference 2019, October 2019 – Tickets available here.

Previous Events

Scott Stapp at the Canyon Club, September 2019

Oh what an incredible concert by lead singer of Creed Scott Stapp. His songs were truly empowering. Scott Stapp don’t stapp!

Poets & Writers Roundtable 2019

Trying to get involved in the Lit Scene again, was very interesting! Met some fascinating poetry people.

Writing 395 with Clive Matson

I really needed a writing retreat (or group therapy!), and this really did the trick. Met some incredible people and made some big decisions!

World Refugee Day 2019

Organized a fundraiser on behalf of Action for Education for World Refugee Day, it was a time.

The Feminist Toilet Launch Party

For my 25th birthday party, had a toilet-themed party and launched a magazine called The Feminist Toilet. Gosh, it was an absolute time.

Teignmouth Poetry Festival 2019

Check out all the reviews I wrote while attending the Teignmouth Poetry Festival. I had an absolute blast, and hope to go next year!

Essex Book Festival 2019

All the reviews, and the traditional acrostic poem I wrote while attending the Essex Book Festival 2019. Gosh, I love Essex.

Tamworth LitFest 2019

An amazing festival in Tamworth, a vibrant community! Definitely worth a visit.

Romanian Cultural Institute, April 10, 2018

A guest post by a fellow literature lover Andreea Iulia Scridon.

European Poetry Festival 2018

As the Director of PR & Marketing, this was a great time! Avant garde European poetry is always sexy.

London Book Fair 2018

Gosh, this fair I finally felt part of the publishing industry, like the young publisher I am! So fab to share the memory with a great friend.

Post-Beat Meet and Greet: A Reading with Clive Matson

I met Clive while attending EBSN 2018, and when I heard he was gonna be in London and didn’t have a reading lined up yet, I just had to get involved! It was a fab reading, and also included poets Michael Horowitz, Lina A, and Marika Josef.

European Beat Studies Conference 2018 Vienna

Oh what a time! And getting to present my documentary “How Howl Made History” to people who care about “Howl” as much as I do was incredible.

Poetry Fair at Senate House #FreeVerse18

Volunteered at this bad boy. So great to see such a full room of poetry organizations!

StAnza Poetry Festival 2018

I love this festival. From 2014 to 2016, I was on the planning committee. This festival empowered me to call myself a poet, and will always have a special place in my heart.

Still Howling Symposium 2015

Organized by the EBSN, this was a fantastic weekend in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Howl! It really got me thinking.