How to Value Your Own Thoughts, 2019

Leaf Life #1, 2022


How “Howl” Changed the World, 2016

The Porcelain Pilgrimage, 2020

The Feminist Toilet

The Feminist Toilet #2, 2020

The Feminist Toilet #3, 2021

Poems and Performances

“Social Distance Pandemic Blues”, 2020

“My Heart is a Diamond,” Living Artists Magazine

“Not Because You Gave Me Diamonds, But Because I Am One”, Askew Journal, 2020

“I Studied Business”, Calabasas Library, 2020

“Literary Lady Boner,” 2017

“Spilled Milk Entitlement Disorder,” 2019

“God Wears Lululemon,” Porridge Mag, 2018

“The Graduate,” The Ogilvie, 2017

“Pomegranates in the Parking Lot,” The Ogilvie, 2017