Call for Submissions 2021: World Toilet Day

We are currently seeking poems, with a secondary emphasis on visual art and narrative or informative essays relating to toilets for the 3rd edition of The Feminist Toilet, a literary magazine for people who give a shit.

How to Submit


WHO: All poets and writers who pee are encouraged to apply.

HOW: E-mail your submission (1-3 poems, 1 essay, or visual artwork) as a Google/word document, mp4 or png to with a 1 paragraph bio (if you’re a new writer, don’t fret, just tell us about your bowel movements!). 

We encourage writers working in languages other than English, but appreciate it if you can provide a rough English translation of your work within your submission.

PUBLICATION: Will be online via Amazon in our second anthology of Toilet Lit (you can view the first for free here), with selected poems featured on the walls of restaurant and bar toilets around the City of West Hollywood.

THE PLUMBER PRIZE: The most exceptional poem will be chosen by arbitrary & subjective metrics to win the monumental $27.37 Plumber Prize, the average hourly of an unlicensed plumber in the United States. Poets with a plumber’s license qualify for $31.17.

World Toilet Day 2020

Check out our event from World Toilet Day 2020 – it was ins-POO-rational! We performed poetry from our potties in a virtual potty with a toilet pub quiz from The Loo Lady and launched our first anthology of toilet literature (aka toiletlit – a new genre we’ve created!). Read it now!

Attend our event on World Toilet Day 2021 – reserve your spot here!

Watch our trailer (edited by MD)

Watch our documentary: The Porcelain Pilgrimage

To honor those that save our lives on the daily, please view the documentary Porcelain Pilgrimage where Brian Sonia-Wallace and I put poems about toilets in toilets from LA to SF while philosophizing and meeting and performing poetry along the way. Appearances by Carol Criss, Clive Matson, and Chelsie Diane.

Porcelain Pilgrimage, a poetic documentary by Brian & Sammy

The Feminist Toilet

The Feminist Toilet is an anthology of toilet literature (#toiletlit) edited by Brian Sonia-Wallace and Sammy Ginsberg with 100% of funds donated to the World Toilet Organization.

Purchase your copy here or click the cover below <3.