How to Value Your Own Thoughts

Inspired by my experience on the Literary March.

This is a meta-hybrid-poetry-blovel-memoir. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals, and some events have been fictionalized. You can decide what’s fiction and what’s not.

Please do not ask me and instead refer to “The Death of the Author” by Roland Barthes.


Hi Again!- Introducing Sammy Ginsberg


The First Time

If You Need to Cry, You Cry

How Not to Quit Your Job

Bad Bitch is Back

10 Things to do Before My 28th Birthday

Tamworth Lit Fest

Boring or a Bitch?


What did you think?

Essex Book Fest






Seeking Validation

The Price of Validation

Teignmouth Poetry Festival

Solo Female Traveler

Poetry is Radical Genuineness

At Least You Have Poetry

High Desire for Sex

Cry Like a Man


The Definition of an Asshole

Why Not to Drink Tequila

A Bad Sexual Experience

Was it My Fault?

Most Likely Bisexual

You Can Suck My Clit

Never Ever Getting a Boyfriend Ever Again Ever

Nod and Smile

Buy the Cow

Huddersfield Lit Fest

Crazy for Loving You



End Notes

Literary Pixie Dictionary

Being a Good Friend