Pretty Words

Pretty Words is the prequel to the Bad Bitch series. It is the unedited version of the novel I wrote when I was 17 for NaNoWriMo in order to write myself out of my third depression. It unintentionally foreshadowed what would actually happen to me.

It is a fictional blovel about a girl named Sammy Ginsberg who graduates from the University of St Andrews moves back to LA and gets a job as an editorial assistant at Manic D-Press. She lives with her two best friends in Los Feliz. While journaling in the trunk of her mini van with a mug of hot chocolate, she realizes that she needs to stop repressing herself and tell her work crush exactly how she feels…

Sweet disposition

The Temper Trap

Fail beautifully

Jeff Worden

To add a hundred and fifty more pages would be a waste of words

Myself (in conversation with my cousin)


Please Laugh With Me

At the Office

Dark Coffee Stain

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Beautiful, Broken Person


On the Date

Jeremy’s Job