I have a lot of projects I’m working on. I know, I should probably only have one or two because I’ll prolly never finish any of them! You sound like my Dad and ex-boyfriends…

Well, I like to have lots of projects because I have a lot of interests

Please ask me for a coffee if you’d like to get involved!

Here’s all the projects I’m currently working on in no order whatsoever, actually that’s a lie, the first one is very important!:

Mad for Poetry

I’m flipping obsessed with poetry. It is my love, my religion, and my passion. Thus, I’m making a website for others who are mad for poetry, as well as hopefully a resource to help those who are interested in poetry become mad.

The Feminist Toilet

I also love toilets. I find them fascinating. They are liminal spaces where homo sapien meets society; they are vulnerable and erotic; they are safe spaces; they are cultural. Thus, I launched a magazine to focus on the wonders of the loo.

Bad Bitch Blovels

Sometimes the bad bitch in me has something to say. Her name is Sammy Ginsberg, and this is where she says it all. I’ve finished writing two (How to Value Your Own Thoughts and Pretty Words) and currently working on my third – the Bad Bitch of History.

European Beat Studies Network

Yes, I consider myself a Beat Studies scholar and documentary-maker, as well as officially one of the Social Media Officers for the EBSN Network. Can’t wait for our big conference in London in 2020!

Clive Matson

I met Clive at EBSN 2018, and we hit it off. I’ve since attended one of his poetry saloon’s in Oakland and one of his writer’s retreats. He’s an absolute poetry legend, and a great person. I’m so excited to be organizing his UK tour in October 2019 while he’s there to present at the EBSN Conference 2019.

Poesia Poetry Journal

Vera Linder and I co-edit an dual language poetry magazine. It’s currently hosted online. We have lots of poetry visions that we are working to make come true. Have a read of our wonderful poets in English and Italian!

Blow Job Anniversary

Every year, I try to do something to celebrate my Blow Job Anniversary – October 6th. I started in 2013, and now it’s been six years. It’s one of my favorite traditions, and really hoping to have a big celebration soon.

European Poetry Festival

Since 2017, I’ve been involved with EPF. I actually now get to call myself the Director of PR and Marketing! Thanks SJ.

Literary March

In March 2019, I went on a literary march to find out where the young literati were and how I could join. I called myself a Literary Festival Blogger (not sure any exist! mostly because it doesn’t pay) and attended 4 (actually 5) festivals: Essex Book Festival, Huddersfield Lit Festival, Tamworth Lit Festival, and Teignmouth Festival (and StAnza Poetry Festival!). It was magical.