Below are listed some things that are really important to me with links to resources I’ve found over the years that I’d like to share.

Would love to keep updating! Please get in touch with suggestions, as well if you have any questions or want to discuss.

My intention in sharing this is to better connect with people who care about the same things I do and share resources, stories, and information.


California Teachers Association: The unified voice of educators in California with 310,000 members. Access to professional development, discounts, research, conferences, and a network of people fighting for equal access, justice, and resources for all of California’s students, educators, and classrooms.

EduJoin: This site hosts all the listings for all education related jobs from bus driver to paraeducator to teacher for all of the United States.

Cal State Channel Islands – Tomorrow’s Teachers: I am involved with this club! We are a community of students who want to become teachers.

CELTA: I decided to complete the CELTA instead of a TEFL. It costs more money, but in the long-run it was a better investment for what I wanted. With a CELTA, you can teach at private schools anywhere in the world. It has a better reputation. As I chosen my career as a teacher, this was a better fit. If you are just looking to teach for a summer, then a TEFL certificate is just fine!

Stafford House International: I completed my CELTA course here in the Spring of 2019. I really loved my experience there! My teachers were incredible, and so were my cohort. I found hope in this school. There are people like me who want to travel the world and don’t have traditional career paths. One of my teachers worked in the Circus before quitting, taking a CELTA course, and teaching English in Russia, China, and Uzbekistan, before returning to the UK to teach. The other was from Argentina They even offer jobs in the summer to their students. This is THE site for TEFL job listings. I found a job working at a summer camp in the Ukraine! I almost went but then…life!

Poetry/ Writing /Books

Poetry.LA: Interviews of LA poets, as well as a list of 17 virtual poetry readings! They also have a documentary on Youtube. Honestly, the best database of Los Angeles Poets and Events.

Poets & Writers: The largest organization of poets and writers. They have job opportunities, events listings, and a magazine. They offer grants to poets and writers and have a great database of small presses. They support more established writers and poets, and could work on supporting emerging and local communities – but overall a good organization trying to do good work.

Zines and Small Presses List from Selcouth Station Press: Amazing list of small presses and zines all over the world. Support the indies! the passion projects! Like Facebook but just for BOOKS! What are you reading? Book lists, reading goals, suggestions. It is a great way to keep track of all the books you’ve read over the years. Add me as a friend!

NaNoWriMo: 50,000 words in one month? Need a writing community for that. National Novel Writing Month of November has got your back! I have been trying to do this every year since 11th grade! Add me as a writing buddy!

NaPoWriMo: For the poets, this event takes place in April – National Poetry Month where poets try writing a poem every day! I have never properly participated – I write maybe one or two poems and then self-doubt swarms in, but I love the idea! And I love poetry!

W.S. Merwin Conservancy: Magical place in Maui, the home of Paula and William Merwin. I performed his poem “Good People” in my Poetry Out Loud competition. Still painfully relevant. They host events and a Literary Salon in Maui, as well as tours. It is gorgeous with such a beautiful story.

StAnza Poetry Festival: I love love love love love this poetry festival. This is the festival in the place that woke up the poet inside of me. Absolutely incredible, international, and diverse line-ups on relevant and interesting themes. Such a wonderful community. Can literally speak to anyone! I dream of a community like this in my own city now.

Fully Funded MFAs in Writing: This list has all the MFA programs in America that are fully funded to write! Ahh, the absolute dream. They pay you to study the art of writing. Honestly, that’s not a job, it’s a fucking extended vacation. TBH, I am kinda anti-MFA program but in a time when it is so hard to get paid to do anything creative except marketing, it’s forgivable. But, yeah – I am not in support of ones where you have to pay. There is very little ROI! It’s basically like summer camp, and will not increase your earning potential by much. Even writers and artists gotta eat, though a lot like to pretend they are better than that. Ugh, so human. I hate all humans!

Apples & Snakes: UK based spoken word community organizers with events, classes, mentorship opportunities, and more.

Red Hen Press: The oldest poetry press in Los Angeles founded by Kate Gale. I used to be the social media manager! They have a poetry center in Pasadena, and organize lots of events. I started as an unpaid intern – it’s a charity so they can do that. Depresses me that publishing poetry predominantly by women is considered charity, but alas – this is the dystopia we live in.

Street Cake Magazine: Big fan of this magazine! They organize an experimental poetry prize for emerging poets 18 to 30, as well as mentorship. I wish I could do more for them!

Living Artist: Online publication that aims to promote the work of artists living and working today! I’m published in this one – also am a big fan / friend of one of the co-founders – Rochelle Roberts.

The Ogilvie: A creative review founded by one of my pals from St Andrews after he did his creative writing masters at the University of Edinburgh. Wonderful publication supporting the writing community. I’m also published here!

The Bookseller: If you want to keep up to date with all things publishing in the UK, this is the place. They have a great job listing page as well.

Society of Young Publishers: I wish there was one of these in Los Angeles. Honestly, anyone want to start one? If you want to get into publishing, they are the organization to join. They have an entry-level job list, a book club, an amazing speed dating career event, and more!

Write Unite: An organization that publishes writing by young people in anthologies from all over the world. Founded by a student in high school who has since gone on to work in publishing, this is an awesome place to submit your work if you are under 18!

World Reader: I used to not like kindles and E-readers, and then I went to a talk by Worldreader and realized just how privileged I was to be able to hold print books in my hand. Give a child a book, they have one book. Give a child a kindle- and they have access to thousands, if not to the whole world! Big fan of this organization.

Jack Grapes’ Writing Class: I took this class in 2017. Really great course and great community! Learn the art of method writing.

Clive Matson’s Writing Class: Another great course. Clive is a true poet, and one of the best poetry teachers. He can help bring out your voice! His knowledge of poetry is astounding.

RentPoet: Need a poem? This guys got you.

GetLit: Know a teen that loves poetry? Here’s the community for them. Based in LA, they run spoken work courses and slams for students.

Hiking /Rock Climbing / Outdoor Adventure

Boulderdash: Looking for a place to climb in Ventura County and San Fernando Valley – this is the place! I was a member for over a year until my schedule changed. This was my perfect Friday night. Such lovely people!

SoCal Six Pack of Peaks Challenge: I have been wanting to do this for so long. Hike any of the six (out of nine) landmark mountains, have some fun, and do good. Anyone keen?

AllTrails: This app is so helpful! It makes it easy to find hikes anywhere at a variety of levels.

The Castle Climbing Centre: Awesome climbing gym in North London! They have a meetup on Fridays, meets in the café. And yes, they have a café at the climbing gym! And it’s in a castle. There is a great outdoor bouldering space as well.

Mile End Climb: This was the place I fell in love with climbing. I took my first lesson here, made my first climbing buddy. It was a short walk from my house, and I miss it every day.


Airbnb: Everyone knows this one, but wanted to list it anyway! I love it. I’ve traveled by myself renting rooms, and it is wonderful. I have met such kind people. Once, we slept in a tent in a woman’s front yard. It was hilarious.

WWoofing: Room and board to volunteer at organic farms all over the world. I haven’t done it yet, but have friends who have and have visited them. One on a dragonfruit farm in Maui!

Workaway: I also haven’t done this but know people who have! One of my friends even has her farm here. There are so many great place to travel, room and board for work!


Yoga with Adriene: Whenever I couldn’t afford to go to classes, or needed some yoga right now, I always had this channel to go to. Great classes of all sizes! Her one for depression is really nice.

Do Yoga With Me: This is another good online yoga site. Lots of classes!


Duke of Uke: I love this store. This is where I adopted Janis and took my first course. This is where I learned to play my first song ever, “That don’t impress me much” by Shania Twain.

The Pluckin Strummers: A meetup on 2nd and 4th Saturdays usually in Atwater Village. Some great resources for ukulele lovers on the side.

Virtual Ukulele Jam: Another Uke Jam in Ventura! On Zoom now- so can all go along.

Mental Health

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness): Amazing organization. I did their free peer support group. It was so helpful. They also run group therapy almost every night of the week.

Boundaries: This is a super helpful pdf that goes through an 8 week course on building better boundaries from the Self Help Alliance.

Saying No: I found the podcast “The Power of No” by Dear Sugar really helpful in understanding the importance of saying no, and learning when to say yes. It honestly changed my life.

Nonviolent Communication: This book was very helpful for me. I have the list of needs taped to my bathroom mirror. I have even attended a support group to learn how to use the tools.

Mindid: An app to help you understand and reflect on your daily mood, sleep, stress, thoughts, nutrition and more!

Family Cycles: a free online self-improvement course about how to break family cycles created by Peter K Gerlach. Very helpful website!

Calm: Big fan of this meditation app. Mostly because it’s covered by Kaiser – but now I’ve gotten used to Tamara’s voice and it really does put me to sleep.

Gigi Engle: I just discovered her – a sex coach and educator, but her resources page is amazing! So many books on so many topics. Honestly i want to read them all.


TreePeople: A charity based in Los Angeles focused on empowering people to take responsibility for the urban environment. I used to volunteer as a supervisor planting and restoring in the Topanga Mountains. I used to say it was my church. I miss those days. They have launched a Learn @ Home program, which is much needed.

Going Zero-Waste: I put together for OVERDUE 5 tips to have a zero-waste winter holiday. #createjoynotplastic. Read it here.

Human Rights & Responsibility & Dignity

Action for Education: This organization is doing vital work in Greece. They run learning centers in Greece supporting people who are seeking refuge and asylum. I volunteered here for three months, and wish I could do more. What is taking place there is a violation of human rights. These people need our help, we need to change our policies.

PathPoint: This organization partners with people with disabilities to live the life they choose. They do critical work running training programs and work placements to support individuals in contributing and finding their place in the world.

The Feminist Toilet: An anthology co-edited by yours truly and Brian Sonia-Wallace to raise awareness and funds about the work of the World Toilet Organization. Thank your toilet! Your toilet is saving your life.

Arts & Culture

Fringe Festivals (especially the Hollywood, Capital, and Edinburgh): I love the Fringe Festivals. The people are so inclusive and such a diversity of shows! Such a vibrant community.

Food! Restaurants! Wine! Beer/Coffee

UnTapp’d: Really loving this app. Great way to keep a log of the beers I am drinking.

Fine Food and Dining Society : In St Andrews, I was on this committee all four years. I love the foodie community, and miss it so much! Foodie Fridays was my favorite.

Around the World in 195 Restaurants: The blog series I am writing trying restaurants from all the countries in the world. Mostly based in the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County.